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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Chair Yoga

November 9, 2018


Chair Yoga is a modified twist to traditional yoga practices. There are a lot of benefits in doing yoga on a weekly or daily basis, but these benefits don’t stop with the mat on the floor. Some seniors are limited in mobility and getting down on your hands and knees can be more painful than it’s worth. That is why chair yoga is a great option and it doesn’t sacrifice the quality of your workout.

Here are 3 reasons why you should practice chair yoga:

1)    Chair yoga is suitable for all bodies

According to Yogi Charlie, an instructor who teaches classes all over the KW region, chair yoga is best suited for anyone and everyone! It’s for office workers, commuters, athletes, couch potatoes, seniors, kids; the list could go on and on. Chair yoga is a yoga practice that has been adapted to be more accessible. The benefits of trying modified yoga are increased mobility and range of motion, improved balance, more energy, improved posture, heightened awareness, better mental clarity and focus, improved quality of sleep, increased strength and stability, pain management, and stress reduction. Try a free class at Clair Hills; you’d be surprised at what your body can accomplish.

2)    Age is just a number- it’s never too late to start

Some people have trouble committing to organized exercises if they’ve never done it before. Thinking it is too hard to try something new because of your age is simply a mindset. Chair yoga is less agile than most sports or activities but can still give you an excellent workout. Staying active with chair yoga in your senior years will help you with balance, give you more energy, improved your posture, help bring mental clarity and focus in your life, improved the quality of your sleep, manage pain, and reduce stress. Improve your quality of life by getting that heart rate up and stretching those muscles.

3)    Chair yoga can still challenge you like standing yoga

There are aspects to these classes (breath control, building awareness in your body, and meditation) that require very little effort from the body but are still challenging nonetheless. Instructor Charlie says she likes to offer different options in classes to ensure there is something challenging for everyone. She starts by guiding the group into the foundation of a pose and then works with the group to find safe alignment in the body. From there, she layers on options to make the pose more challenging. It’s up to you whether you continue to work towards mastering your alignment in the foundation of the pose, or whether you go on to try the next step. Similar to standing yoga, this practice can work up a sweat if you hold your pose and move slowly. This form of conditioning will get your heart rate up in a healthy way and enhance your flexibility over time.

If you’re interested in trying a chair yoga class you can join us at Clair Hills Retirement Community. We are offering free community chair yoga classes on Wednesdays @1:30 p.m. until November 14th.

We will be offering another program in the winter with Yogi Charlie on January 9th– February 13th, 2019 @1:30 p.m.

Learn more about Charlie by visiting her website or seeing her at Clair Hills.


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