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Downsizing for Seniors: When is the Right Time to Move?

June 26, 2018

Looking for information about downsizing?

Senior’s Move [also known as Heart of the Matter], does not believe in “downsizing” for seniors; they believe in “rightsizing”. This local professional organizing company in the KW region taught us about rightsizing and what it means to find the right fit for your situation. Understanding what you need to live a happy and healthy lifestyle can be a big asset to deciding when the right time to move is.

Finding the right time to do a move can be difficult. A lot of retirees choose to stay at home longer than their health allows them to because of a common misconception that living in a retirement community is equivalent to giving up your independence. Unfortunately, some move to a retirement community after a life event has occurred. This may include a decline in health, an accident or loss of a loved one. When these types of incidents happen, it can make letting go possessions very emotional and develop into a rather difficult experience. According to Senior’s move, it’s better to make a rightsize decision when you’re still vibrant and in good health. This will make the decision your own, and will help you let go of more possessions compared to experiencing an unexpected event. You will have more time and more say in what should be done when making your move.

You may be thinking: “How will I know when the right time to move is? Unexpected events just happen and cannot be planned.”

The answer to this is finding a community that fits your interests and lifestyle now, but has the option of assisted living care for when the time comes. Clair Hills has both independent and assisted living styles. Our community has daily activities, outings, classes and events; both independent and assisted living residents are never bored! If you want to stay independent and do the things you love doing, visit and discover what independent living is really about in retirement communities.

If you’d like to learn some tips and tricks from Donna Schmidt, owner of Senior’s Move and Heart of the Matter, please click here for her full blog.

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