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Create a Retirement Living Plan You Can be Proud of!

About this event :

The Ultimate Guide to Things That Seniors Need to Know

Are you thinking about moving but do not know where to start? This workshop is perfect for you. You will get great advice and hear real-life scenarios from the experts who have been helping seniors move for decades. You will receive a workbook filled with practical and realistic ideas with step-by-step guides as you consider all your options. This will equip you to make great choices as you figure out the best decision for you. Moving can be scary, especially if you have not done it in years!

Let us bring you some peace of mind and help take away some of the fear around moving.

Included in your workbook, you will receive a list of resources, tools and free consultations.
Join us for a workshop about planning ahead. Learn from experts so you and your loved ones can be prepared.

Featuring: Taimi Post of Gordon’s Estate Services.


Please RSVP to Sarah Louise McGregor 519-880-8444