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Clair Hills History Lecture Series

About this event :

Clair Hills is hosting a 4 week lecture series for seniors on the Waterloo History of Beer and Whiskey.

The purpose of this lecture series would be to take a deeper look at Waterloo’s connection to the alcohol industry through Seagram’s Distilleries and the long history of breweries in town. Seagram’s history in Waterloo can be traced all the way back from Abraham Erb, to its total collapse in 2000. The first week is looking at the social context of Seagram’s: the development of early industry, the Grand Trunk Railway, CANBAR, horse racing, connections to royalty, and so forth. The second week is focusing on Seagram’s as an enterprise: prohibition, the diversification of products, operations across the globe, advertising campaigns, women in the workplace, and the industry’s failures throughout the 1990s. Next, Waterloo’s long history of beer brewing: from the humble beginnings of David Kuntz brewing beer in his bathtub and selling kegs by cart in the moonlight, to last bricks of Labatt industries. Finally, the last week will focus on the birth of the craft beer industry in Ontario, its collapse under business magnate E.P. Taylor, and its recent resurgence in the area.


Week 1: Seagram’s Origins

Week 2: The Rise and Fall of Seagram’s

Week 3: Brewing Beer in Waterloo

Week 4: Ontario Craft Beer


Join us for the lectures and read more on the topic every Wednesday for the month of July at 2:30 p.m.

Please contact Paula or Colleen @ 519-880-8444 to register!